Pop into Summer

Watch the fireworks & eat some popcorn!

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It caught my heart. Whenever I'm having a stressful or hard day, I crave your popcorn. It's a sweet treat but it's not as sugary or rich as other comfort foods. Per bag, there's only one or two hard kernels, which was a happy surprise. Thank you for making a wonderful treat.


You have the best popcorn, and everyone loves it.  They are always excited when they get a bag of Lisa’s popcorn. This year I gave popcorn to co-workers at Christmas.  What a hit!!!


Our popcorn was just delivered and Oh My God - we are SO glad we were introduced to Lisa’s Popcorn by Jono and Alan from Cinema Therapy!The Blueberry Muffin flavor is amazing! We can’t wait to try the other flavors. We are excited to be new customers.I am definitely recommending Lisa’s Popcorn to everyone I know!


I loved it! - my 100€ popcorn was indeed delicious!

A little about us...

Lisa’s Popcorn isn’t just about our unique flavors, and its more than just a snack.

Our happiness, love and passion is something you feel the second you pop open a bag and the smell of white chocolate, cheddar or candy hits your nose.

It started in a home kitchen, as a small gesture to show appreciation to neighbors and friends. It has grown into something that we hope follows you through life’s important events that just need popcorn.


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We offer local pickup at our Kaysville, UT location