Made with sunshine.

Lisa’s Popcorn isn’t just about our unique flavors, and its more than just a snack. Our happiness, love and passion is something you feel the second you pop open a bag and the smell of white chocolate, cheddar or candy hits your nose. It started in a home kitchen, as a small gesture to show appreciation to neighbors and friends. It has grown into something that we hope follows you through life’s important events that just have to include popcorn.

From your first movie date, with your soon to be true love that brushed your hand as you reached into the popcorn bowl. To your family movie nights, with your kids running wild only to settle down with Disney and their favorite flavor of popcorn in their favorite color bowl. To your celebrations, both big and small. To when you have your grandkids visiting your cozy living room, give them something they will always remember and cherish with their family. Here is to years of happiness, love and good memories. Welcome to the family, we hope you stay a lifetime.