The World's Greatest List Of Popcorn Puns Ever!


You could say popcorn puns are butter left unsaid, but I disagree!

I'm gonna share a kernel of wisdom with all of you. 

A-maize-ingly popcorn is the number one snack in America! You pop-ably never realized that! If you're like me you have to con-seed it, you always eat a crop ton of it! In-snack-ed, you probably don't ear anyone asking you to share, but corn on man... You cob-ably ate your field. 

Let me husk you a question: would you ever as-salt anyone who popped over to your place for movie night and forgot the popcorn? Shucks, you should scorn them for that! You can't skip the cornerstone of movie night!

I might pop them in the cornea for that corned of behavior! Butter yet, they cob have brought some Lisa's Popcorn to party.  That way, everybody will have a grain time.  

Puns are fun, but now they're done! So give us a rating if you thought they were funny, but if you didn’t love it, don’t be a dummy. Give us a new one to add to the list, and we’ll update our story with a new twist!

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