St. Patricks Mix Popcorn

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If you're looking for the perfect snack to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, look no further than our St. Patricks Mix Popcorn. Our candied popcorn is expertly flavored with coconut and lime to create a delicious treat that will have you feeling lucky.

Not only does our popcorn taste great, but it also boasts the perfect festive colors for St. Patrick's Day. The vibrant green and white kernels will add a fun and colorful touch to your celebration.

So whether you're hosting a party or just looking for a tasty snack to enjoy on St. Patrick's Day, our St. Patricks Mix Popcorn is the perfect choice. Order yours today and get ready to taste the luck of the Irish.

Snack size contains approx. 3.5 cups

Share size contains approx. 7 cups

Celebrate size contains approx. 15 cups